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This page has recently been revised to be Pye Family page. Since most of the links on this page go to PYE info I've decided to try working on another page from the SMITH coat-of-arms about the SMITH family and their links. Hope all of you enjoy this page and if you have any questions or comments e-mail me at (

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Pye History

See what an Astrophysicist in Hawaii, USA & A Cabinet Maker in NSW, Australia have in common.

Pye Families of Herefordshire and Norfolk Counties, England.

Well this area is finally up hope everyone enjoys it. Pye's on an England Trip. Pictures & story by Earl Pye.

Check out the New area for "Pye" Coat of Arms info.

"The Norfolk Villages of My Ancestors" by Edgar George Pye

Photo Gallery Page.

Dr. Pye one of the great medical heroes of Texas - Dr. Edward Arrel Pye - when you go to the site scroll down to articles to read a great story.

I'm currently working on getting more sites added to the page and trying to improve the looks and ease. Check back often and let me know what you think.

Links to other sites on the Web

Babs's Home Page
Linda Grennan Genealogy & Other Great Stuff Page
Salmon Family Tree
Page about the "Dickover Family" with connections to the PYE families.

Here are some websites done by people with the last name of PYE or a connection to the PYE Surname check them out. Hopefully we can grow this area with some really intersting Pye Websites or the Websites of those related to the PYE Surname. I'd like to make it a nice Directory area of PYE Websites.

Some info on the Much Dewchurch. This is a great informational site. Check it out some time.

For those that have Herefordshire connection and interest in the Kilpeck Castle. Interesting timeline and treatment of the 1912 excavation.

Here is another interesting site with useful information. Check it out not sure how accurate.

This is an interesting Cemetery Transcription Library. Did a search on PYE surname and found some very interesting areas. Give it a try.

Homepage and interests of Henry Pye & Sybil Olmstead living in the Great State of Texas

Steve Pye - NuViu Technologies - Service based computer consulting company serving South Western Ontario.

Bruce & Bryan - Pye Brothers Fuel Thunder Bay

David Pye - Composer, Conductor & Percussionist from Western Australia

The Pye Law Firm in Florida USA

John Pye - From the warm area of Hawaii.

Brenda Pedersen with PYE connection.

Kirsty Mellars - daughter of John Pye sent in this Music and Art Festival site of Boultham Park Music and Arts.

de la mare webiste very interesting.

Roger Pye Personal Home Page (Stony Stratford Bowling Club

Lloyd Pye from New Orleans.

Kevin Pye Internet Trade Search Consultant

John Pye Real Estate Hornsby, NSW.

Tim Sandford Custom Clubs - Orlando, Florida

Pye Metallurgical Consulting

Interesting Pye Woodcarving website

John Pye with Forest Services

Pye Motors located in Fleet Square, Lancaster check them out.

Serving Industry in Georgia, USA check out their site.

The Jewers and Wellwood Family Tree Project from Nova Scotia. Looking for connection to Thomas Pye. Read and see if anyone can help solve the mystery.

Stephen Pye from Leeds, UK - Welcome! Sorry took me so long to get this on the site. He has a great page check it out.

NEW!!! Here is a great find on a CLOCK by Henry Pye of Falmouth. Anyone with some more info or want to give some possible history check out this site photos are great.

Neal Pye Realtor from Georgia, United States

Muriel M. Davidson from Nova Scotia.

History of PYE Telecommunications

Dept of Chemistry - Cory Pye Associate Professor

Musical Group Medievl, Celtic, & Middle Eastern Music

Photos by Allison Pye great site.

Naval Historical Center with info on Vice Admiral William S. Pye, USN, (1880-1959)

Great to have added a few new sites this New Year 2006. Welcome to everyone.

Please welcome our new additions to the PYE links. And please check out all the wonderful sites of PYE websites. Again if you want your site listed please drop me e-mail and I'll add your site to the other links. Come on folks let's see if we can load this page up with PYE websites.

Hey does anyone know about a picture labeled "Pye Corner Cottage"? Jeanne Pye Sandford has advised me it's a Thomas Kinkade print. Is there really a pye Corner Cottage which inspired this print? Or is it just Kinkade's creation? Jeanne also advised that the print is in a book called "Our Family History" published in 1998 by Thomas Nelson, Inc. Nashville, TN. The picture is on the cover as well as in the book (page 32). I've been told the book was available in Cracker Barrel Restaurants and Gift Shoppes. Anyone else know anything about this print please let us know. Hey folks I've heard from another Pye that has a plate with the "Pye Corner Cottage" on it. She wrote to Mr. Kincade prior to a trip she made to England in May to find out if there was a real Pye Corner Cottage. In a letter back to her he indicated it was a figment of his imagination, and doesn't have a clue as to why he chose the Pye name. Interesting.....