Photo Page of Pye Family Members

I just started this page and was going to put it up for New Babies. Then I decided I would make it available for any pictures of our large Pye Family. Please drop me a photo and little info about the photo and I'll get them up on the site.

Our first photo on the site is: Sherman Clayton Sandford - "Clay" born 1/11/2002 in Ohio - Proud parents are Jim & Dawn Sandford.

Sherman Clayton Sandford

Okay here goes if I'm going to make it a photo gallery I'll put up my picture on the site: Sandy & Don Smith about 1982. Okay I didn't say it would be a recent one.

Sandy & Don Smith

My Parents month before there 50th Anniversary 1997: Warner & Virginia (Helms) Pye.

Warner & Virgina (Helms) Pye

This is Ruth Broderick Pye with three of her grandsons. Sherman Clayton shown above is 4th Sandford Great Grandson he was born 2 days after Ruth died. Jeffrey (age 6) & Joseph (age 3) sons of Jeff Sandford. Timothy Charles (age 13) son of Tim Sandford. Photo sent by Jeanne (Pye) Sandford.

Ruth Broderick Pye & Great Grandsons 1